About Us

Everything in the universe is made up of '5 ELEMENTS' and this was our inspiration to create something which is out of the ordinary and in harmony with the nature. Hand crafted by some of the best 'Karigars' in India, 5 ELEMENTS brings to you a collection of the products that showcases the beauty of age old Indian craftsmanship with modern and contemporary designs.

When an idea materializes into paper and continues to magically transform into an accessory, the only thing we can do is to follow our heart. 5 ELEMENTS is a premium brand, which has been creating luxurious accessories timelessly since 2005 to its valuable customer. Our handicrafts are made through Premium, genuine and incomparable raw materials, which are completely handcrafted by keeping in view the niche modern lifestyle.

We at 5 ELEMENTS believe in quality over quantity and strive to provide our customers the best quality and craftsmanship possible. We continuously work hard to make put a smile on our customer's faces with our unique creations.

Our Team

Our amazing team has extremely creative and talented designers who pay attention to details, some of the best artisans in India to bring the finest quality in our beautiful creations. There are so many brainstorming sessions involved to bring the best possible designs for our lovely customers.