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Welcome to 5 Elements where you'll find exquisite accessories which will take you in a world full of colors, beautiful patterns and intricate hand work. We make designs which are contemporary but not monotonous. Take a tour into our collection and fall in love with our handmade juttis and bags.

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'5 Elements', is derived from the ancient Hindi phrase ‘Panchtatva’, creations under this label are in harmony with nature. Designs are contemporary and have roots deep in the Indian craft and art. All collection comes out as homogeneous mixture of Panchtatva, THE INSPIRATION!!! '5 elements' was started by Radhika Gupta, alumni of the prestigious London College of Fashion and also the member of “fashion design council of india” with a passion for designing exemplary accessories. Radhika has been creating newer bench marks in fashion since 2005, her collection in corporates crisp modern colors and materials. Radhika’s label-‘5 Elements’ has redefined style in the true sense.